Smartphones: the ones to watch

With so many mobiles swarming on the shelves of our favourite shops and so many more going out every month, it can be hard to choose the one you need and want to buy. The two important questions you need to ask yourself are thus: what budget do you have? What are you going to

With so many mobiles swarming on the shelves of our favourite shops and so many more going out every month, it can be hard to choose the one you need and want to buy.

The two important questions you need to ask yourself are thus: what budget do you have? What are you going to do with your smartphone?

Whether you’re a nomad worker always accessing email and work via your smartphone or someone who needs a phone to be called on but is really not interested in all the gadgets surrounding it, there is a mobile for you, somewhere out there.

Let’s try to find you one with our special guide dedicated to the best smartphones of 2014!

If you want a smartphone that is actually able to help you go through your daily chores and let you read your email wherever you are, the HTC One M8 should be the first one on your list.

With its stunning design that it could almost be an IPhone, its array of exciting features and its improvements on every aspect, this is a very desirable phone.

With its metal body that gives the design a finish in brushed aluminium, a 5-inch screen, and a battery life that make it usable for almost 10 hours, the HTC One M8 easily holds out on its competitors Samsung and Sony.

Priced on its own at £450, the HTC One M8 is worth the investment!

The Sony Xperia Z1 Compact is the classiest of this list even with its “small” screen that towers at 4.3 inches.

Mini compared to most others products on the market, the Sony Xperia Z1 Compact has a lot to offer and particularly a very comfortable handling of the phone in one hand, contrary to the competition where you might strain a finger just trying to tap on one app across the screen.

Waterproof – as most Sony products are – and dust proof, the Z1 Compact is also stunningly stylish with its body formed of glass panels, surrounded by a trim metallic ring.

As for its array of features, Sony threw its weight on that one to offer their customers the best experience possible when using this smartphone.

Priced at around £300, it is a smartphone worth buying, particularly if you’re someone who travels a lot and needs a resistant phone.

Another unexpected contender is the Motorola Moto G, who is one of the highest rated phone tested but doesn’t cost an arm and leg.

With its 143 grams and 11.6mm thick, it isn’t comparable to the thinnest IPhone on the market, for example, but the quality put in its build largely makes up for it.

Running under Android 4.3 Jelly Bean, with features that are needed for everyday life and a few more to have fun, this is a good smartphone on a budget.

Priced between £150 and £200 at its most expensive, this is the phone for people who want a good, quality phone on a budget!

The OnePlus One is another great phone of 2014: quality end, high-end but cheaper than the latest IPhone, this is a smartphone that has a lot to offer.

Very simple in its design, the OnePlus One is a large phone, which can be quite surprising but it covers all the connectivity and features that allows its user to use it, no matter what.

According to numerous tests, the OnePlus One offers the same performances as the Samsung Galaxy S5… without the high price tag!

Priced around £300, the OnePlus One is a good phone to buy for whoever wants to put a foot in the wonderful universe of high-end phones.

We can’t reasonably put a list of the best smartphones on the market in 2014 without evoking the Samsung Galaxy S5!

Best design on the market, full of interesting features for work and play, a smooth run at all times even if you decide to open 3 or more apps at the same time… The Galaxy S5 has it all.

Robust, very capable, there is no denying that this is the phone to own to be trendy and sure that you bought the best of the best, but that kind of quality come at a price that not everyone is able to pay.

They are said to be priced around £550-£600 at the moment…

And if evoke the Samsung Galaxy S5, we do have to talk of the Apple IPhone 5S, who is soon going to be replaced by the IPhone 6.

There is nothing to be said about the design of the smartphone, classic in the right line of IPhones before him.

4-inch screen, smooth run of IOS, some interesting and new features (fingerprint sensor, IWork app suite free, nice camera…) but compared to the competition, it is far from being the best on the market.

Fastest than its predecessor: this seems to be the most remarkable improvement from its predecessor and the price is a reflection of this lack of innovation, disappointing from Apple: at £250, this is not the most expensive smartphone out there nor the most desirable.

And we’re going to finish this round-up of the best smartphones out there for now in 2014 by talking about the Nokia Lumia Icon, a middle-range who has a lot more to offer than we think.

With its sleek design, its gorgeous screen and a processor that makes the whole run smoothly, the Lumia Icon is a smartphone worth considering buying.

With its 5-inch screen, this is a large smartphone that fits into the offers already out there from the competition.

Priced at £200, this is a phone worth buying for those of you that like Nokia; and for those of you that begins on the field of smartphones as it is a very easy phone to use.

And you, what do you reckon are the best smartphones of 2014?

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